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IT Engineer and Psychologist as A Family

Posted by bfindarto on August 14, 2008

I just have thought in my mind. Yesterday night, I had fun conversation with my wife. Its about similarity. When we talked about us, and also some friends of us, and also some other people, we realize that, some couples, and already married couples have same educational background. The husband is an IT guy, and the wife is a psychologist, or vice versa.

As the conversation continued, we made assumptions. One of the those is, maybe, because, IT guy can understand machines “better”, and the psychologist understand people “better”. And, IT guy can communicate with machines “better”, psychologist can communicate “better” with people. wallaa..

So, we laughed, and we talked about… When my wife saw me, she was so impressed when she found out that I can do things with devices, “fixed” them, do improvement to them, produce something, and also (maybe) earn big money. ting ting ting… and also, When I saw my wife, I was impressed also when I found out that she can do things with people, “fixed” them, do improvement to them, produce something, and also (again, maybe) earn big money.

Then… we talked about what happens in our marriage. We do have fights, specially at our first year. And by time, we realize that.. sometimes, I communicate with her as I do with computers, and she sometimes she treat machines as people.

When I was expecting something from her, I just thought, “if this then that, else, this, else that”. But the fact is… She did something that I can say “other else”. The action that I didn’t have in my if..else statement. That’s people. bwua ha ha ha ha… I was so stressed. Then we fought. Sometimes I asked about the same thing, people cases, she kept on telling me that people are different. .When she was working with machines/computers, she just hope that if she wants something to happen, or when she wants to have result from computers, she can’t just tell the computer and get the result. We need to enter commands, understand the algorithm, setups, bla bla bla… that’s computers. She was so stressed, so, she always ask me how to, how to, how to. Then we fought. Sometimes she ask me about the same thing, I just so stressed that why can’t she remember the steps or the solutions.

As the conversation continues, we keep on smiling and laughing.

A long with time, we learn a lot of things. I start to learn about how to communicate with people, and my wife start to enhance her skills in using electronic devices. So, I start to learn and understand about our children, talk to them with people language,”bahasa kasih” (not binary, or c#, he he). My wife help me a lot on my communication in my training sessions, about how to understand people. And my wife, is leaving her “gaptek” era… he he.. She can do blogs, facebook, scientific calculations in excel and even start to learn graphics design and use sophisticated gadget, pfuiiff, nice.

Again, gratitude is the key of success. I want to thanks Allah SWT, for giving me challenge so I can think of solutions or something to manage and grow, and also for giving me such a nice family so I can learn a lot of things. I also want to thanks to my wife and my children so I can have lots of energy to face this life (Once.. I was so so “down”, and the family are always right beside me).


2 Responses to “IT Engineer and Psychologist as A Family”

  1. seo writer said

    The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

  2. weznagwama said

    enlightening post.

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