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Manage Your Goals, or Get Trapped in Other’s

Posted by bfindarto on March 13, 2008


This is one of the things that I think and feel about life: “Be sure that you have your own goal for you, or you will (always) get trapped on other people’s goal.”

Having something to achieve will make your life full of meaning, will give you extra energy.  Having something to achieve will force your brain to give you extra idea. Having something to achieve will trap people in your way. Having something to achieve will provide you time to celebrate (when you really achieve it) and provide you time to learn something (when you didn’t achieve it). Having something to achieve will increase your value.

I want to share my experience on this..

Recently, I accept a responsibility to be marketing coordinator of the company program. I said ok… becouse I want to have at least one responsibility in company and form my point of view, the extra allowance will just ok. Then… for the first workshop programs, I set the goal: 30 people registered! You might think that it is only a small goal, and easy to achieve. But.. at that time, I think, most of the team member doubt it, coz they said something like: “can we?” And of course, becouse, at our first program… nobody register! Wow, what a hard time. And also, we have financial problems. But, if I also said, “can we?” thing, we will absolutely loose.

So I keep it in mind. Then.. it happens: I have extra energy, my brain is thinking of something to do: “how to promote a program, get participants, with less cost”. I put my energy to do all of the things that come out of my brain. Then somehow, people “get trapped” in that goal. Really. These are happens: My marketing associate get a 5 freelancer marketer for our program. Then other associate do the “send invitation e-mails”, at least 20 to 30 emails per day for a week. Some of the recipients replies the emails. And the result: I think we get 29 registered for the workshop. And on the workshop days, we have 3 trainers, about 5 assistant’s trainers. Also some of my associates are working hard on the materials.

The goal is not successfully achieved, but we have something to think and learn. Then, with some improvement, we are starting to get better results on the next activities. And also… we have something to be celebrate and proud of.

If… let say, there are no goal(s), just say: “get some people la”… it just doesn’t work. coz.. some people can be only two people. We will work for nothing. No own goal means… We will work in somebody’s order. We Will work in other people goal. We will not feel the success, we will have a negative thinking.

Let’s set a goal… at least one.


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