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SQL Server Pending Installation Error

Posted by bfindarto on December 1, 2008

Some of my students were trying to install SQL Server 2000 on a Windows 2000 and windows XP OS machine lately but they got this error message:

“A previous program installation created pending file operations on the installation machine. You must restart the computer before running setup.”

Well… In this case that an erroneous pending file copy operation in the registry is causing the SQL Server installation to believe another installation is underway, which is preventing users from continuing the installation. To resolve this error, we may perform the following steps:

  1. Restart the computer and see if you are able to run the setup. If the restart does not help, use the next solution.
    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. Type: “Regedit” (without the quotation marks) in the Open dialog box
    3. Click OK.

      NOTE: BackUp the registry by clicking on the File menu, and then click Export. (Or Export Registry File from the Registry menu in Windows 2000).

    4. In Registry Editor, expand the following registry subkey:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
    5. In the right-pane of the Registry Editor window, right-click PendingFileRenameOperations. On the shortcut menu that appears, click Delete.
    6. In the Confirm Value Delete message dialog box that appears, click Yes.
    7. On the File menu, click Exit.

      NOTE: In Windows 2000, click Exit on the Registry menu.

    8. Restart the computer.
    9. Using the Registry Editor, verify that the PendingFileRenameOperations registry value is not available.
    10. Check other control set keys (for example, ControlSet001, ControlSet002, and so forth) for the same values and also delete them.

Run the SQL Server installation again.



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Hoka Hoka Bento Social Program

Posted by bfindarto on November 9, 2008

“Happiness looks too small if you hold it in your hands… Just share it and you will now how precious it is.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Over these past 5 years, I always bought the Hoka Hoka Bento Social Program package. It is a pack of Desk Calendar and a Diary. Yesterday, this year, I also bought it.I like to buy it because this program gives benefits to all. First, of course, Hoka Hoka Bento. The company can do effective way to market their products. People who buy the package can see pictures of the food, so they have a positive impression of it. They can market their “next year programs”, new products, Halal certificate, . They can share information about their available restaurants and packet. So now, Hoka Hoka Bento can say, ” There will be lots of reason to go to Hoka Hoka Bento.”   😀

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Second, the customers. They will be updated with the latest news. The diary is so good in design and useful so we (the customers) can take note and arrange our selves day by day. For this year, we may find coupons at the last page of the calendar. 50% discount coupons, extra drinks coupons. Wow! That’s cool.

Third… The company and the customers will give hope to the less fortunate children for getting their efforts have much needed education.


Everyone Happy…

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Family Tree Maker

Posted by bfindarto on October 30, 2008

As my father wants to track all our family member, he asked me to find a good software to do it. Lately, he did the tracking things manually, entered the data manually (using MS. excel), and draw the tree manually (using MS. Visio). And it is hard things to do, because I also involved in “that project”, he he. So I found Family Tree Maker from Anchestry.

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

This is one nice and cool application. It has a powerful information management, easy-to-use research tools, and creative output options.

If you guys want to use it, here some of its features:

Better Planning

  • Improved file merge.
  • Global task management.
  • Ability to import PAF, Legacy, The Master Genealogist and various other file formats.

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

People Management

  • Family view that combines the family tree and family group.
  • Person view that displays facts, sources, notes, and tasks in one view.
  • Timeline view that lists personal, family, and historic events.
  • Relationship view that lists family relationships.
  • Index groupings that allow searching by family name, given name, birth date, marriage date, and death date.
  • History list that displays the changes made to records in the tree.


  • A database of 3 million complete place names connected to FastFields name completion.
  • A map to find each location in the tree.
  • A view to see all of the people associated with a location.


  • View all of the images and media in your tree from one location.
  • Link one media file to multiple people and view all of the people a media file is linked to.


  • View all of the sources in your tree from one location.
  • Rate sources using standardized rating criteria.
  • Full reference notes.
  • Flexible citation/source/repository model.


  • New charts and reports.
  • Improved chart and report customization.
  • Output charts and reports to PDF, CSV, RTF, HTML, JPG, PNG and other formats.

Web Search

  • Search,, and and merge the results into your tree.
  • Search anywhere on the Internet from within Family Tree Maker and merge the results into your tree.
  • Add your own bookmarks to web sites.
  • Capture text, images, and entire web pages and merge them into the tree.

If you have BIG family, this application is really help us to track all our family members, so we can keep our silaturahmi.


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