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How Many Days do We Have to Work in a Year

Posted by bfindarto on September 27, 2008

Two reasons of why I write this post: my previous post about Key of Success: Gratitude and why I choose to be a freelancer.

Just all of sudden, my melancholic side of mine start to think, how many days are my working days in a year compare to the total days in a year? Then… after the calculation, I just feel very thankful and I am very happy of my choice, to become a freelance IT trainer.

Ok.. let’s see the calculation first. “How many days do we have to work in a year”.

According to the 2008 calendar data:
Average working hour : 8 hours
National holidays : 15 days
Saturday – Sunday : 114 days
Total Days in a year : 366 days

Now, based on that data, let’s calculate how many working days in a year. We are working in the average of 10 hours a days. If in one day we have 24 hours then:

Total Working Days in a Year = (10/24) hours x 366 days
= 152.5 days
= 153 days

Yes, we get 153 days, it’s a lot, but, 153 is the result of full 7 days working (Monday to Sunday)! So the next question would be… do we really work in full 7 days a week? Or maybe… are you one of the persons that have a full 7 working days? I believe even the labor surely have holiday, at least one day in a week or in a month. And I believe, if you have the ability and the facility to read this post, you’re not included in the list of people who work 7 days a week. He he … Most of you would have Saturday and Sunday holiday (or Sunday only). Well guys, we should be thankful for this. And also, we should work at our best. The reason is really simple. Let’s see the data again. Total of Saturday-Sunday in a year 2008 is 114 days. So now you’ll have:

Total Working Hours in a Year = 153 – 114 = 39 days only!

Cool. Fantastic, so actually, we never work more then two months a year! May I know how much is the total of your salary in a year (he he). Hey… don’t forget to deduct the total working hours in a year with the total of National Holidays in a year. the number is 15 days. And also… I don’t know what it is in English, but Indonesian said that it is Harpitnas (Hari Kejepit Nasional). Maybe I can say it the extension of National Holiday. For Example, if there is a National Holiday at Thursday, usually Friday would be Holiday also. he he.

Total Working Hours in a Year = 39- 15 (plus plus) = 24 (min min) days only!

Also, you should include your day off facility (if you have that facility and use it). Gosh. Our total working days in a year are not even a month!

Well, then, lets see my two reasons. First, about gratitude. How much we really appreciate this God gift. Man, less then one month work. How will you fill the rest of the days. How would you color the rest of the days? What would you do?

The second reason. Yes, based on the calculation, we only work only for 24 days. But, if we work regularly, at the office, in Jakarta… whooaa… we should recalculate it again. Start from the working hour, it would not be 10 hours a day (because we have additional hours when we’re in transportation mode, and traffic jam, he he). And I think, this is the reason of why most people always complain. That additional working hours is distributed to all working days. So, its a kind of… wasting time.

About freelancer. Yes, it is my choice. It is actually a type of work that most people don’t like. But now, I really love it. Why, because I can manage my self in a running tick of time. I can not manage the time and I don’t have the ability to do it. It is tough, but fun and challenging. And guys, what motivate my the most is, I’ve already talked to some of the freelancer, some of them really can do work for 2 months, and have holidays or do self development for the rest of the month!


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