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New Category, New posts, New Additional Activities

Posted by bfindarto on July 7, 2008

Well, this is just an introduction. As I and my family runs a learning center, so I will add new post’s category: SAEC (Saint Anna Education Center) to keep all posts and activities related to it.

We hope that this learning center may bring benefits to society.

We have big dreams that we have a good school that can share knowledge, that can build strong character for Indonesian children so we can see a better Nation.

Location Some of the Team
Learning Center Name: Saint Anna Education Center
Location: Taman Kopo Indah Bl. L No. 64 Bandung 40252
Available Course: Languages: English, Mandarin, Arabic
Computer Course
Study Guide
Courses/Programs Available for: – Pre-schooler
– Primary, Secondary and Tertiary students
– Working Adults
– Mothers
Facilities: – Full Air Conditioned Room
– Library
– Computer Laboratory connected with Local Area Network (LAN)
– Class Rooms
– Playing Room
– Front Office Area

4 Responses to “New Category, New posts, New Additional Activities”

  1. mAshe said

    Wuhh.. I want to be like you one day.. Contributing for the greater good..

  2. Muchacha said

    Sure you can, Mashe ~~ 😀 ^.~v

    Sir Bambang..
    sukses terus yach~!

  3. gunawan said

    salam kenal Pak Bambang, saya gunawan di Mataram, NTB, saya juga ingin bergabung dengan SAEC, kalau boleh saya bertanya2 tentang SAEC, apakah boleh di category ini? kalau bisa saya langsung email ke Pak Bambang? terima kasih sebelumnya, maaf kalau merepotkan…

  4. bfindarto said

    salam kenal juga,
    untuk bertanya-tanya, bisa di kategori ini. atau kalau ingin japri, bisa kirim ke email saya.

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