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Posted by bfindarto on June 11, 2008

Shuwa, if you manage to read this blog, you should send me email and tell me how to create this one. Or, maybe you can add my ym id. see u.


6 Responses to “Request..”

  1. m00n said

    wallaaaaa…hebat lar shuwa…hihihi…sir..ada nggak certificate for photoshop trainer? hehehe…shuwa mau join…

  2. ya laa… superb design. I want to be her student then.. I’m ready. 🙂
    ummm… photoshop sepertinya ta ada. multimedia-web design ada. flash and dreamweaver.

  3. Pjoyz said

    Shuwa sudah blushing… hehehehe

  4. DewiShuwa said

    sir….. saya malu…….
    adesh! actually, i know only the basic of photoshop..
    no good enough… arghh malunyaaa…. ada entry request sebegini..

    huhuhu.. but i try my best.. giving u the tutorial ha.. i will make it and send via email to you.. adeshhh…

    sir…. i’m not good enough in photoshop.. warghh rasanya, mahu menyorok dalam bawah meja sebab dapat request dari sir..

  5. Muchacha said

    keren! 😀
    gw juga pengen tau ni..
    ajarin.. SHUWA!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sakura said

    mau blaja skali!! sronok main dengan photoshop nih

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