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Quoting Comments..

Posted by bfindarto on June 4, 2008

Quoting comments from friend’s blog (student’s blog) about sql server,, xml-web services, and com+ :

“.Net” = jaring..
create “cookies” = buat biskut..
how to design “table” = reka meja..
SOAP = sabun??? adehh!!

I smile and almost laugh… ha ha ha. Suddenly… I remember the time when the first time I learned this technologies. Whooahhh, so many terms, concepts and how-to things.

But guys.. don’t worry, you’re living in new era, with new technologies.

Next… COM+

“It’s not easy to make something so easy in com+…”


3 Responses to “Quoting Comments..”

  1. m00n said


  2. DewiHati said

    hahaha… dats quote memang betul la sir.. hu3..NVM… one day i hope… ooppppsss..not hoping.. but i should be like you..

    baca coding pon ada jalan cerita… mcm baca novel pula… hihihi…

  3. Pjoyz said

    macam pernah baca… tapi di mana ya… hehehehe… TQ Mr Bambang for da meal… hehehehe

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