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Basic Router Configurations

Posted by bfindarto on March 30, 2008

When we have a router in front of us, and want to configure our router/network, there are some essential things that we have to do in our router. Those things will be about security and managing our router’s configurations easily.

1. Give Your Router A Name
Router(config)#HostName AnyName

2. Securing Your Privilage Mode
a. Router(config)#Enable Password AnyPassword
b. Router(config)#Enable Secret AnySecretPassword
If you configure both password and secret password, secret password will be the router privilage mode password.

3. Securing Your Console Line
Router(config)#Line Console 0
Router(config-line)#Password AnyPassword

4. Securing Your Telnet Line
Router(config)#Line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)#Password AnyPassword

5. Secure Your “Text Password” with Encryption
Router(config)#Service Password-Encryption

6. Describe All The Interfaces or Lines or Configuration
Router(config-if)#description  This  Is The Link  To  HeadQuarter LAN
Router(config)#Access-List 101 Remark This List Stops Telnet Sessions To Accounting LAN
Router(config)#Banner motd #You’re Entering Secure Area, Make Sure You Have Rights!#


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