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Want to be CCNA? Prepare Yourself here..

Posted by bfindarto on March 13, 2008

The CCNA certification is a valuable certification that is frequently updated, so there are about 5 things that every CCNA candidates should have handy when preparing for the CCNA or trying to keep your CCNA current. Lets take a look…

Look out for new changes to the CCNA certification program!

There are frequently new changes to the CCNA certification (as well as the other Cisco certifications). For example, on June 25, 2007, Cisco introduced the Cisco Certified Entry-Level Network Technician (CCENT). There is a 640-822 exam that you must pass to achieve the CCENT certification. Cisco has broken up the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) one week training into two weeks and has named them ICND Part 1 and ICND Part 2. ICND Part 1 is to prepare you for the CCENT certification and ICND part 2 is to prepare you for the CCNA certification. To pass the CCNA, you can take ONE of the following paths:
ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816, or
CCNA 640-802 composite exam
For more information on Cisco certification program updates, checkout the Cisco Learning Program updates website.

Important Websites to help you prepare for the CCNA certification.

I have used some excellent FREE resources for CCNA-related training, preparation, and question/answer. Here is my list:
Cisco’s CCNA Prep Center
Cisco’s official CCNA certification home

Important Technical Tips to passing your CCNA

Here are my important tips to passing the CCNA the first time:
Know what is on the Exam – for example, if you are taking the 640-802 exam, you should know the 640-802 exam blueprint front and back. You should be able to talk at length about these topics.
Know the basics of getting around and configuring a real router – you can’t count on just books to get you through the exam. You should find some way to get on a real router (borrow, buy, or get yourself on the training, he he.. 🙂 ) or a simulator (PacketTracer, or Boson Simulator). The test will give you a simulated router and you will have to do something on it. If you have never used one before, you will be in trouble.
Know how to perform IP subnetting and also number system conversioncoz this is where all the problems come 🙂 .

The Value of a CCNA certification
According to the salary surveys, an IT professional who has a CCNA earns, on average, $76,500 USD. That is $16,500 more than the $60,000 average rate earned by CCNAs in 2004. Even better, if you could upgrade your CCNA to a CCNP, you could earn an average estimated $12,000 per year more (that is $1,000 per month).

Keep in mind the IT Pro’s surveyed may have multiple years of experience and/or other certifications. For example, from those surveyed who have ONLY a CCNA, the average salary is $68,000.So, in general, what are these numbers telling you?The value of a CCNA continues to increase. You can justify a higher salary by having a CCNA. The more years of experience you have and the more certifications you have, the more salary you will be awarded (on average, of course). To some of you, this may be obvious information. To others this may be “news”. Either way, the survey helps to justify cost and time associated with obtaining your CCNA.

The single source for the best CCNA and CCNP video training available

In my opinion, the single best source I have seen for CCNA & CCNP training material is the Train Signal CCNA video training series covering these exams. These videos are the closest thing you can find to hands-on real world training. You get to see an expert-level network administrator not only train you on what you need to need to pass the exams but also train you on how to configure Cisco routers & switches for the real world.

In summary, the CCNA certification is a valuable certification that is frequently updated. You should use the websites found in this article to ensure you have what you need to pass the CCNA and, after that, stay current on the CCNA certification.


6 Responses to “Want to be CCNA? Prepare Yourself here..”

  1. kabeer said



  2. iCalvyn said

    good information 🙂

  3. anand said

    iwant to do CCNA course plz tell me institutes offering it.

  4. bfindarto said

    Hello Anand. Where is your location now?
    In general, there are some type of courses that you may choose:
    1. Cisco Networking Academy (Usually 4 semester – 2 years study).
    Some institute shortened the course to 1 year, 6 months or even 3 months.
    You can choose this course if you’re really new to networking.
    2. Fast Track Programs, 5 to 10 days compact course. You can choose this kind
    of course if you have networking foundation knowledge and skill.
    The institutes that are offering this kind of course, eg:
    New Horizons or Zoom Technologies India
    (find the link at my blog roll 🙂


  5. james said

    Is that any CCNA training course in Malaysia, Penang?

  6. bfindarto said

    A friend of mine refer a training center there in Penang, it is I-World Technologies. It has a branch at Penang. Hopefully it would be useful. cheers.

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