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CCNA Exploration 4.0

Posted by bfindarto on February 22, 2008


Exploration 1: Network Fundamentals

  1. Living in a Network-Centric World
  2. Communicating over the Network
  3. Application Layer Functionality and Protocols
  4. OSI Transport Layer
  5. OSI Network Layer
  6. Addrssing the Network-IPv4
  7. Data link Layer
  8. OSI Physical Layer
  9. Ethernet
  10. Planing and Cabling Networks
  11. Configuring and Testing Your Network

Exploration 2: Routing Protocols and Concept

  1. Introduction to Routing and Package Forwarding
  2. Static Routing
  3. Introduction to Dynamic ROuting Protocols
  4. Distance Vector Routing Protcols
  5. RIP version 1
  6. VLSM and CIDR
  7. RIP version 2
  8. The Routing Table: A Closer Look
  9. EIGRP
  10. Link-State Routing Protocols
  11. OSPF

Exploration 3:  LAN Switching and Wireless

  1. LAN Design
  2. Basic Switch Concepts and Configuration
  3. VLANs
  4. VTP
  5. STP
  6. Inter-VLAN Routing
  7. Basic Wireless Concepts and Configuration

Exploration 4:  Accessing the WAN

  1. Introduction to WANs
  2. PPP
  3. Frame Relay
  4. Network Security
  5. ACLs
  6. Teleworker Services
  7. IP Addressing Services
  8. Network Troubleshooting

One Response to “CCNA Exploration 4.0”

  1. Halo Pak Indarto,
    wah blog bapak ini cukup memberikan rasa penasaran kita.
    Kapan nih bisa diberikan pelajaran step by step ya.
    Biar kita tidak hanya melihat topik-topik bahasannya. 😀 Terimakasih Pak.
    Salam dr anak murid bapak

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