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CCNA Discovery 4.0

Posted by bfindarto on February 22, 2008


Discovery 1: Networking for Home and Small and Businesses

  1. Personal Computer Hardware
  2. Oprating Systems
  3. Connecting to the Network
  4. Connecting to the Internet Through an ISP
  5. Network Addressing
  6. Netwok Services
  7. Wireless Technologies
  8. Basic Security
  9. Throubleshooting Your Network

Discovery 2: Working at a Small to Medium Business or ISP

  1. The Internet and Its Uses
  2. Help Desk
  3. Planning a Network Upgrade
  4. Planning the Addressing Structure
  5. Configuring Network Devices
  6. Routing
  7. ISP Services
  8. ISP Responsibilty

Discovery 3: Introduction Routing and Switching in the Enterprise

  1. Networking in the Enterprise
  2. Exploration the Enterprise Network Infrastructure
  3. Switching in an Enterprise Network
  4. Addressing in an Enterprise Network
  5. Routing with a Distance Vector Protocol
  6. Routing with a Link-State Protocol
  7. Implementing Enterprise WAN Links
  8. Filtering Traffic Using Access Control List
  9. Troubleshooting an Enterprise Network

Discovery 4: Designing and Supporting Computer Networks

  1. Introdduction Network Design Concepts
  2. Gathering Network Requirements
  3. Characterizing the Existing Network
  4. Identifying Application Impacts on Network Design
  5. Creating the Network Design
  6. Using IP Addressing in the Network Design
  7. Prototyping the WAN

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